PFI Furniture: 20 year warranty. Recycled HDPE with stainless steel hardware.

Available in a Variety of styles and seventeen different colors.

Comfort, Quality, and Durability. Built to last a lifetime

As seen at the New Orleans Home and Garden Show


With over 25 years of experience creating custom indoor furniture for restaurant, upscale residential, and commercial applications, the folks from PFI designed their outdoor furniture with the comfort of the consumer in mind. With ergonomic curves designed to fit  the human form, PFI furniture is not only durable but also comfortable. Please come by and "seat it" for yourself.


Each PFI Glider, Chair, Swing, Table, Bar, Lounger or accessory is made in the USA by seasoned craftsmen who take pride in producing top quality furniture that is built to last. The use of 98% recycled HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and stainless steel fasteners ensure a lasting quality that is rot resistant, insect resistant, and rust resistant, which means that, in short. . .  "It won't rust, It won't rot, and the bugs won't eat it."  Not a bad combination of attributes for the Louisiana outdoors. . . or anyplace else for that matter. 


Whether you would like your furniture to match, blend, or contrast with your existing decor, or create something which  will reflect your support of an Alma Mater or favorite sports team, there are 18 color options with two tone combinations available to help you create something unique to your style and taste.  As the armrests on appropriate styles are also customizable with optional cup holders or wine glass holders, you can choose to incorporate an additional level of comfort inclusive of a space for your favorite  beverage. 

Virtually Maintenance Free

Because of the nature of HDPE, our furniture is virtually maintenance free.  Using a pump up sprayer with a and a standard nozzle on a water hose, dust, pollen, or dirt generally wash right off without the need for intensive cleaning. While nothing in life is completely maintenance free, our furniture is pretty close.   

20 Year Warranty

All PFI furniture comes with a standard 20 year manufacturer's warranty against rotting, cracking, or breakage under normal residential use, with minimal fading as the HDPE lumber used is colorfast through and through.